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Musicant group space activation

Podcast: What is Space Activation and Placemaking?

Transforming Cities Podcast

Listen to Max Musicant of The Musicant Group discuss space activation, creative placemaking, and cross-audience benefits that come from thinking about place after construction.

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Best podcasts cre civic proptech

5 Best CRE, PropTech, and Civic Podcasts

Business & Culture

Our favorite podcasts that capture topics in commercial real estate, PropTech, smart cities, urban design, and more.

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Camber creek bowery valuation vc

Podcast: PropTech Real Estate Investment Trends

Transforming Cities Podcast

Listen to Nate Loewentheil of Camber Creek discuss his family's entrepreneurial and public service background, time in the Obama White House, and leadership role within an industry that's been captured by buzzwords like PropTech and IoT.

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Transforming Cities

Transforming Cities Podcast Season 4 Live

Transforming Cities Podcast

The fourth season of the Transforming Cities commercial real estate and urban podcast is now live! Subscribe on iTunes, Spotify, or Stitcher.

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Craft Banner

Craft CMS vs. WordPress: Why We Recommend Craft

Web Development

One question we're asked time and time again is why we use Craft and not WordPress as our CMS of choice. If you're reading this article, it might be because you asked a similar question and we sent you this! Or, maybe you're just one of the many people also interested in this topic and want a fresh perspective.

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Swerhun inc quayside waterfront toronto

Podcast: Collaborative Decision Making for Government and Communities

Transforming Cities Podcast

Listen to Nicole discuss how she and her team have spent years designing and delivering consultation and engagement processes for decision-makers to make large, complex multi-stakeholder projects constructive and manageable.

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Lease up rent faster

5 Ways to Lease Up a Development Faster

Digital Marketing

Every developer and owner/operator wants to see an immediate return on investment when a building goes online. In this article, I'll touch on the top 5 ways you can be on your way to a property marketing plan that results in profits for your project.

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M Rad Filter Club

Podcast: Architecture Business Model Innovation

Transforming Cities Podcast

Listen to Matthew Rosenberg discuss his pathway to finding success in an architecture practice that brings value back to the traditional practice through innovative business practices, including upfront research, due diligence, high level partnership stakes, and project equity.

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Millenial Workspace 1

What Do Millennials Want in an Office?

Commercial Real Estate

The landscape of traditional office spaces has changed as younger generations have matured in the job market.

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