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The Authentic Form & Function journal discusses topics effecting and impacting the urban space as they relate to design and technology.


Stop Delivering Fluff: 3 Principles for Building a Meaningful Digital Strategy

June 2018

If you’ve ever spent time browsing agency websites, one cliché you’ll stumble upon is the service offering of Strategy. At first glance, you might not even think twice about it. Everyone wants their work to be strategic, right?

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Optimizing Content: How to Power SEO with Craft CMS

July 2016

At Authentic, we love Craft CMS for several reasons. Two of them being: the flexibility Craft provides when writing our front-end code, and Craft’s tailored approach to organizing content in the CMS.  Here we’ll overview the best practices in optimizing content in Craft for a successful SEO strategy. 

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Don't Fall Behind

Every urban project needs a solid digital strategy. Schedule a Zero to Launch workshop to plan your digital strategy and build a roadmap for launch and beyond.

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Why You Don't Need An Agency: Part One

April 2016

Part 1 of this series will address the common theme of having an idea that’s not ready to be built.

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