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City park

Why innovation in public parks and green space is important to urban areas


Cities across the nation are developing innovative public projects, merging the benefits of green space with ambitious infrastructure reuse. There are a number of reasons why these features are so important, and why there should be more as places continue to densify.

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Open space

What's the first step in long-lasting sustainable placemaking? Uniting public and private stakeholders.


The United States is increasingly urbanizing as Americans move to downtown areas and industry or business-specific hubs. According to data from United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, 53 urban areas in the United States will be populated by more than one million people by 2030.

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Public art

Public art and the rise of AR murals


Public art has become a major force on both public and commercial urban projects. With the rise of VR/AR in recent years, how can the two be combined to create valuable new experiences for users?

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