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The Authentic Form & Function journal discusses topics effecting and impacting the urban space as they relate to design and technology.

Remote Life Exercise

Remote Life: Making Exercise a Priority

March 2016

A five part series written for remote professionals who want to take their life and careers to a new level. This is Part Three in the series.

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Development Workflows: Frontend Architecture for Building Websites

March 2015

Between the rise of CSS preprocessors, frontend frameworks like Foundation and Bootstrap, and the nearly de facto requirement for all sites to be responsive, the style-specific code we’re writing is far beyond adding link tags into the head of your HTML.

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Don't Fall Behind

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Successful Tools in Remote Work

September 2014

As I sit here after a much needed evening session at the gym, and with a bit of welcoming Ahmad Jamal playing on Rdio, I look to our company’s communication and social feeds for anything new. I’m putting in a few extra hours this evening to reflect on how our agency’s communication approach has changed over the years, and interestingly enough, I’m not the only one with a little extra skin in the game.

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